Promotion is a highly visible part of marketing, but it is only part of marketing. It is most successful when the selected product, the target market, and the marketing plan goals are based on research.
Developing Agency Design Briefs
The process
1.What are you trying to achieve?
2.Withwho; who is the target audience?
3.What is the behaviouror behaviours?
4.What will count as success?
5.How will you evaluate, impact, process, outcome?
6.What is your timescale?
Procure or Do it in-house?

1.Can suppliers provide the service at lower cost and or higher quality?
2.Do suppliers have skills that are not available internally?
3.Are there opportunities to reduce risk by using suppliers?
you can dowload the powerpoint presentation on the promotion which was done by Mr Allen Mukwenha during the 7-9 November workshop by clicking on the link “The Design Brief  process” below

The Design Brief Process


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