Waterlines, July 2014

Identification of the potential opportunities, barriers, and threats within the sector in taking up sanitation as a business: rural sanitation in Nkhata Bay District (Malawi)
Private sector participation in sanitation marketing provides a great opportunity to improve
rural sanitation access. Although a number of opportunities for private sector participation within the sanitation sector exist, there are numerous barriers and threats to taking up
sanitation as a business. This Note from the Field identifies these opportunities, barriers,
and threats in Nkhata Bay District, a rural area of Malawi. These insights emerge from
a wider research project entitled ‘Private sector participation in the delivery of sanitation
and hygiene services’. This note provides background information on the research project
on private sector participation and the project location. It goes on to describe the data
collection process and present two examples of business activities in the district sanitation
sector, before listing the opportunities, barriers, and threats identified and the recommendations that emerge from them.
For the full paper which is Open Access, visit: http://practicalaction.metapress.com/content/858l2t4077060k05/fulltext.pdf

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