The 15th WaterNet/WARFSA/GWP-SA Symposia

The 15th WaterNet/WARFSA/GWP-SA Symposia is: ‘IWRM: An effective response to water-energy-food security challenges under changing climate’ symposium will be held in Lilongwe, Malawi from 29th – 31st October 2014. 

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The Centre will be presenting on the low-cost technologies being promoted, hope to see you there!

Vote of Thanks to UNICEF

With a huge thanks to our partners at UNICEF a workshop is being constructed at Mzuzu University to support the low-cost sanitation and water technologies being developed at our Centre.  Please consider coming by soon to see our exciting progress.
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2014-05-06 07.40.25

Update on Identification of the potential opportunities, barriers and threats within the sector in taking up sanitation as a business – Rural Sanitation in Nkhata Bay District, Malawi.

Rural sanitation within the District is being addressed by local government, NGOs, a Local Environmental club (Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi [WESM]), grass roots women’s groups (Malawi Homeless People’s Federation [MHPF]) and entrepreneurs. As an integral part of the data collection process for our study we spoke with each of these providers. Our findings show that although quite a number of potential opportunities exist for private sector participation within the sanitation sector, there are numerous barriers and threats in taking up sanitation as a business in the district. Here, we report on the findings emerging from conversations with the MHPF. readmore