Do you love fruits? To a lot of people the answer would be yes. well you can  plant fruit trees around your compound if you use the Arborloo latrine.

The Arborloo is the name given to a simple pit latrine that has a shallow pit and a slab that can be moved to be re-used over another pit latrine when the first one is full. A tree can be planted in the old pit once full, and the tree will grow very well in the nutritious soil.

An Arborloo is  easy to construct and cheap to build. The Arborloo is made up of only 4 parts, which are the pit, the ring beam to protect the pit, the concrete slab which sits on the ring beam and the superstructure which provides privacy inside the latrine. The arborloo pit fills up with a mix of excreta, soil, wood ash and leaves. Leaves are put in the base of the pit before use and every day some soil, wood and ash is added to the pit.  Dry leaves are also added to the pit. No garbage like cans, and non-biodegradable plastics is put down the Arborloo pit. When soil, ash and leaves are added to excreta, it changes quite fast into compost. The daily addition of soil and ash also helps to control flies and smells.

When the Arborloo pit is full, the slab and ring beam are moved to another place and a thick layer (30 cm thick) of soil and leaves is placed over the pit contents.

A young tree is planted in this soil and is watered and cared for and also protected against animals. Don’t waste waste. Let us use the Arborloo, let us have a lot of fruit trees around our compound and lets compliment our meals with fruits.



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